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Shop Stories / Personal:
* We've Moved!
New shop address...come visit!
* Coming Soon: Tattly Tattoos
Temporary, designer ink!
* Makers Monday: Claire
Meet the designer behind ClarrisaB Designs
* Makers Monday: Little Paper Crane
Meet Anita Fontaine
* Words for Thought
Inspiration when the world is a little upside down
* Teaching Appreciation Day 2017
Downtown Thanks Our Amazing Teachers
* Coming Soon
New Summer Vendors 
* Shopping Small: Journals + Notebooks
New vendors at the shop

Home Decor:
A Room of One's Own
 Creating a work space to suit your home and your work
Let's hear it for the guys
Vintage for the great guys in our life
Wallpaper Love
Resources, DIY projects, & more
House Cheats
Easy & inexpensive ways to refresh your home
* Designers to Love
A few of my favorite interior stylists
 * Table Art
Inspired ways to dine
* House Plants
Plant Lover, Plant Killer
* Spring Fling
Flowers everywhere, everyday

A Little Structure for Your Sparkle
Store your jewelry & accessories in DIY style
Preserving & Creating w/Flowers
DIY: Drying & pressing flowers
Make your own chalkboard gift tags, party menus, & more!  
Special feature w/ Tiny Prints
* Nursery Rhyme DIY
Vintage Mother Goose rhymes into nursery frames
* Wizard of Oz DIY
Ruby Red Slipper Birthday Card
For the Love of Feed Sacks
Vintage feed-sack projects, history & inspiration
* Wearable Florals: The Flower Crown
A few of our favorite crowns from around the web
* Wearable Florals: Living Jewelry
Inspiration & ways to wear florals
* Farm-Fresh Easter Egg DIY
A natural spin on the traditional Easter Egg
* Baby Onesie DIY
Make your own custom, initialed onesie!
Favorite food-styling trends
* DIY: Pencil Dress Up
Fabric/Washi Tape Pencils

Barn Sale at Spring Creek:
* Barn Sale 2015
A look back + a preview of all vendors
Meet the Team
* Barn Sale 2016
Vendor Sneak Peek

Styling & Side Projects:
(Please see tab: Styling)

* It's A Wrap!
Pretty & unique ways to package gifts
* Spring Fling
Floral Inspiration
Making Mother's Day More
Guest post by Julie
* Handmade Mother's Day
Guest post by Pamela
Halloween: The Great Costume Debate
22 Creative Ideas for Halloween & Beyond
* A Literal Halloween
10 Literary Halloween Costume Characters
* Paint the Town Autumn
Local places and events to celebrate the season
Variations on traditional cocoa
Harvest Table Add-Ons
Natural and festive Thanksgiving table details
* 14 Stunning Pumpkins
Alternatives to traditional carvings
 * Garland-Making at The Lady Jane
DIY: Glittered-Popcorn Garland
* Christmas @ The Shop
See our decorations this year!
Easter Egg Inspiration
18 favorite Easter Egg Ideas
* Fall Decorating Inspiration
Bringing a little warmth to your Fall home
* Unique Thanksgiving Tables
A fresh take on traditional harvest decor
* Gift Giving 2016
From Stocking Stuffers to Specialty Gifts
* Christmas 2016
A 100% Local Christmas

Health + Lifestyle
Styling ideas for fall's best accessory
* Beyond the Mileage
When miles don't matter as much...

Film / Books / + More
Some of our favorite, vintage-loving shows
Happy Birthday, Pride & Prejudice
7 Sources for inspiration & sharing ideas
Furry Inspiration for Avoiding Stress This Holiday
Adorable animal pictures, perfect for de-stressing
BBC Love
Top 10 Favorite BBC Series
4 Books for Fall
What's better than a book that consumes you?
* 15 Austen-Inspired Gifts
For the enthusiast in your life...
* Summer Sangria
7 variations on this summertime staple

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