Friday, February 24, 2017

Plant Lover, Plant Killer

Dear Friends,

It seems like forever since I sat and wrote . . . this is such a funny time of year in Virginia, one day is 75 degrees and the next is 30.  But on afternoons like today, all I want to do is plant.  Plant something to watch it grow, bloom, fruit.  Sadly, I was born without the plant-growing-magic-gene though Heaven knows that I have tried.  And tried.  There are, however, a handful of plants that I've had some luck growing indoors and out.  The survivors.  Trees seem to like me better than the delicate plants, hearty potted plants like Christmas Cacti, Jade Plants, or Ivy at least last several months before I either under or over water them to their death.  I have not had tons of luck with succulents, but air plants that are left to dry between waterings + cacti seem to be pretty happy in aerating soil with minimal water.

Found this visual guide of hearty indoor plants that I hope will encourage other plant-loving friends to grab a little green for home.

Also, Hello Glow has a great post with some growing tips here.

Until Soon,
Sara XX

L: Source
R: Source
L: Source : String of Pearls Plant in Hanger
R: via Pinterest
L: Source : Climbing Plants are beautiful but need dead leaves picked off + plenty of light
R: Source : Beautiful, but maybe not practical for areas with high traffic + clumsy (me!) stair climbers
L: Source : Tumblr
R: Source : Free People
L: Source : Air plants like to be well-dried between waterings, hanging is a great way to dry them out
R: Source : Hanging pots are great for homes with little ones or pets that need to be kept out of pots
Also, in my search for plantspiration, I stumbled upon this adorable Etsy shop that has planters and pots with the best Plant Puns that would be just right for minis or for propagating.

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