Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just What Type of Gift Should You Give this Christmas?

Guest Post by Sydnie Long!

Gifts are a form of communication, of telling someone how you feel about them. And while gift-giving is an activity done all year long, there’s something about the traditions and expectations of Christmastime that put gift-giving on a whole new level.

Close the year out with a bang by presenting the perfect gift to your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or even yourself. Show someone you're loving, serious, humorous, or appreciative of what they do. And that all starts with knowing which type of gift to go for:


Specializing in locally made art, The Lady Jane Shop is the perfect place to get gifts for the people in your life! Store-bought gifts are all about the experience of going from store to store until you find that one gift that makes you think of someone. Gifts don’t need to cost a lot of money to be a good one, so all the better if you’ve got an eye for sales or bargain—especially during all the Black Friday and holiday sales going on this time of year. Custom gifts are always a thoughtful option, though it helps to have a pretty good idea of what someone wants when you go shopping for their gift, as you want your gift to be money well spent.


Homemade or DIY gifts tend to mean more both to the giver and the receiver, most notably in situations of kids giving gifts to their parents. This gift type is the perfect opportunity to show off your creative talents. Take the time and thought to create something meaningful, because it’s not just the thought that counts here—it’s the effort, too.


And speaking of meaningful, gifts of this type don’t have to just be homemade. All that really matters is that you show that special someone just how much you know and care about them. Listen and look for clues about things they might want or need, or think of gifts that can represent the qualities you admire about them, and you're sure to get them something they’ll appreciate.


Service gifts can be a great alternative to spending money on gifts by promising to do a service for someone. This could be anything from agreeing to clean their kitchen to driving them around town for the day to giving them a foot massage because their feet always hurt. Performing a service from someone can certainly be meaningful—pay attention to their needs and show them you care by making their life just a little bit easier.


Take an idea and transform it into a gift—the concept gift, to be exact, which is another way you can save money. Give your significant other the day off from chores to show how much you appreciate how hard they work. Even just taking time out of your own day to spend time with someone you love can mean the world to them, especially if you don’t get to do see them as often.


Pleasantry gifts are simple and work well in situations in which you may not know the receiver very well, but still want to express your appreciation. Maybe you’ve got a handyman who always completes home projects in a timely and efficient manner, or your kid has a teacher who never hesitates to help them when they’re struggling in class. Think about your co-workers whom you see and work with every day, or the host who invites you to their Christmas dinner. People will be grateful for you recognizing their kindness and hard work, and may even return the favor.


Gag gifts are great for a laugh and can put everyone in a silly mood. Last Christmas, for example, I gave my dad a Batman baby bib because he’s a bit of a messy eater, and happens to like the elusive superhero. Don’t be afraid to poke fun at the people you care about, and you might even start a new tradition.


If you’ve ever received a gift you weren’t crazy about yourself, but wanted to pass on to someone else who might enjoy it more, you’re familiar with the concept of regifting. Although this type of gift-giving is generally considered taboo, sometimes it’s the best way to go about doing things, as long as you do so with honesty, respect, and the best of intentions.

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