Monday, December 12, 2016

Deck the Trees with Artist Cheer!

Guest Post by Sydnie Long!

Deck the Trees with Artist Cheer!

This year at The Lady Jane Shop, Sara had the goal of decorating her Christmas tree with ornaments made locally by Virginia-based artists. And may I say, she succeeded!

Support our local artist community and show your holiday cheer by purchasing some ornaments from these artists. You can do this at The Lady Jane Shop, of course, or by visiting the sites of our artists. Check out their contact information below:

Handmade Shop Ornaments:

Sara made this group of ornaments herself. (That’s right, she’s a triple threat—business woman, wonderful lady, and artist.)

Wooden VA State Ornaments

Party in a Bottle glass jar ornaments

Into the Woods: Forest Scene in a Jar

The One: Christmas Tree on Sled

Mineral + Stone Ornament

Katy Napotnik: RICE DESIGNS
Harrisonburg, VA
Wood Slice Ornaments (made of cedar)

These cute and inspirational items are the only other slice you need this Christmas--the other being pie, of course.

Vicki Bahr: True Heart Goods (Lady Jane Shop Artist)
Norfolk, VA
VA Ornament Pillows w/heart over Harrisonburg

Your head isn't the only thing that could use some comfort and love this season. Let your tree have a a little bit of that too. Bonus points for showing Harrisonburg how much you love it.

Virginia Johnson: Virginia J Art
Harrisonburg, VA
Felt Cacti + Felted Wool Animal “Taxidermy”

You've already got the pine needles from your tree. Why not add cactus needles to the mix? Except these cacti are anything but spiky.

And check out these cute stuffed animal heads--much less gruesome, and way more cuddly than the real thing:

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