Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Spice Up Your Home with Fall Décor

Guest Post: Sydnie Long

The season of fall may start outdoors, but you can bring it indoors by decorating your home with lovely seasonal décor. From wall art to lighting to fabrics and more, you, your friends, and your family will be loving your home this season!

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Comfort through Fabrics
Your home is the place to be comfortable, and by adding cozy fabrics to the decorative items in your home, that sensation isn’t too far away. Blankets and pillows don’t just have to be for your bed, curtains can do more than keep the light out, and seat cushions can pull double duty—comfort your family’s bottoms and add a pop of color to your dining room.

Warm up Those Walls
You don’t need to paint the walls to rejuvenate a room, but regardless of whether they’re the standard white or another color, styling them with wall art bring flare to your home. From paintings to family portraits to wreaths and more, wall art is a beautiful way to accessorize.

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Picture-Perfect Plants
What better way to bring life to your rooms than with plants? Whether real or fake, flowers or big leafy greenery, plants can be the perfect form of décor.

Light It Up
Nothing creates an ambiance quite like lighting your fireplace, or even a few candles. Not only do they cast a comforting glow throughout the room, they bring all kinds of warmth.

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Cement It All with Scents

The feeling of fall is in more than just what you see—it’s in what you smell. Apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice are just two favorites of the season. Whether your fragrance comes from candles, plug-in air fresheners, fresh flowers, or something else, adding a scent to your home is a sure way to cement that autumn feeling.

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