Monday, July 18, 2016

Makers Monday: Little Paper Crane

Meet one of our newest vendors, Little Paper Crane!!!  Located in Lynchburg, VA, artist Anita Fontaine creates unique metal jewelry using a variety of materials and textures.

L: Little Paper Crane Changing Shapes Earrings * R: Quest Fringe Necklace and Brass Drop Hoop Earrings
Images by Karissa Grantham
When did you first start designing and creating your pieces / how did LPC begin?
I took a jewelry making class in high school that introduced me to the basics of metal working.  I loved it, but didn't think about it again until years later when the handmade movement was picking up momentum.  I started making beaded earrings and sold them in a local boutique that my friends opened when I first moved to Lynchburg. Little Paper Crane was a hobby for years after that until I finally realized that I had the potential to make jewelry as my real job. I now work from my home studio part time while homeschooling my girls. 
The artist wearing her Copper Quest Necklace * Image by Karissa Grantham
What kind of materials do you use in your designs?
I love working with copper, brass, leather, and beautiful beads/gemstones. I truly love it all, but the metal work is what challenges me the most and I like that! 
Anita working on a necklace in her studio * Image by Chelsea Francis

Where do you look for inspiration?
I look for inspiration in woven textiles, architecture, tribal artwork/jewelry, and nature. I also love to flip through magazines and see what people are wearing. Sometimes I get silly about not wanting to follow trends...but when a trend is really great and versatile, it's fun to put my own spin on it! 

Where else can LPC be found?
Little Paper Crane is currently available throughout Virginia at the following locations: Kitsch in Norfolk, VA, Tin Top in Winchester, VA, Darling Boutique in Charlottesville, Live Trendy or Die and  The Conscious Mercantile (opening mid-August 2016) in Lynchburg, VA. I'll also be selling at OXIDE Pottery in Lynchburg, VA this fall.  Jewelry can also be purchased online.

Thank you, Anita, for joining us at The Lady Jane!!  You can come by and try on her beautiful jewelry at the shop, or find more designs on her online shop here.

Until Soon,
Sara XO

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