Friday, October 30, 2015

Costume DIY: Woodland Fairy

Dear Friends,

Somehow this entire month has gotten away from me, and suddenly it's almost Halloween and we have 500+ trick-or-treaters coming downtown tomorrow!  I dug out a bunch of silk flowers that had mostly been given to me, and my trusty glue gun and set to making a quick costume.  I would love to make wings today from some tree branches, but not sure if there will be time!  I will also resist showering everyone with glitter and flower petals when they come in for their candy...maybe.

Woodland Fairy Costume:
Optional:  Add some fairy-inspired makeup with the craziest makeup you own!  Took the costume out for a spin for Halloween dancing last night, and tried adding some fairy-details with shamefully glittery eye-shadow and some stickers!


-Assorted silk flowers
-Heavy-duty scissors or wire cutters
-Floral wire
-Silk butterflies or mushroom birds (opt)

-Wooden dowel, cut down to size
-Hot glue gun + glue

Step 1:
Cut down silk flowers, leaving about 5 inches of stem to wrap into a crown.  Take two flowers and begin wrapping stems and leaves together, like a wreath.  Pause to check for sizing to head.  Finish off with extra wire for reinforcement.

Optional:  To create butterfly clips for hair, cut wire from silk butterflies and hot glue to simple metal clips at varying angles.

Step 2:
Beginning at one end, run a 2 inch line of hot glue down the side of your dowel and begin wrapping with ribbon at a diagonal angle.  Repeat until you reach the end of your dowel and cut ribbon.  Hot glue a silk flower at the end for a flower wand!

Step 3:  Finish off by gluing or wiring butterflies, birds, any other materials into your finished crown!

This total project cost me $0.00 since we had all the materials already at the shop, but I would estimate it would cost about $10-$20 if you were purchasing the items new.

See a few more DIY costumes for girls/adult women below, or visit our past post with 22 Halloween Costume Ideas!

Have a safe + Happy Halloween!
Sara XX

Paper Doll Costume:
L: Source
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