Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Barn Sale Team

Dear Friends,

It's ONE DAY until the 4th Annual Barn Sale!!  Figured today might be a good day to tell you a little about the team…

Meet Amy

Amy is the founder of the Barn Sale at Spring Creek.  She and her husband Patrick are the owners of the farm house and barn, and two of the loveliest people you'll ever meet.  You can even stay at the farm as they've turned the second floor into a private residence through Air B+B.  Every time I see Amy, there is amazing conversation, delicious food that appears like magic, a hot mug of coffee, and time in the garden with the chickens and her little dog Belle.

She'll also be running our drink station with apple cider, iced teas, + more this weekend!!

Meet Hope

I first met Hope through Amy, as they are neighbors and long-time friends.  She and Amy have started Mill House Kitchen, which I may have to devote an entire post to later!  This is Hope's (and Josh's) precious baby girl, Sweet Caroline.  Find her blog and follow her on Instagram @hopefulthings.  

Hope + Josh will be serving burgers, hand-cut fries, old fashioned sodas, and the best caramel apples you've ever tasted!

Meet Katie

This beautiful soul is half of the The Pinwheel Collective, Mom to the darling-est beagle named Rudy, and my neighbor!  Katie has designed the Barn Sale graphics and posters the last two years, and she is incredibly talented at hand-lettering and drawing.  She and Amelia are also sisters-in-law, which is insanely fun.

Katie will be helping her husband Adam with his booth, Tobias + Dean this weekend!

Meet Amelia

Amelia is the other half of the Pinwheel Collective.  She's a beautiful-gypsy-creator-photographer and amazing individual.  When we have meetings it's mostly laughter with a little planning on the side (just kidding, mostly planning, we promise!).  Amelia also runs an Air B+B, and on the side she runs an Etsy shop selling thoughtfully curated antiques.  

This weekend she'll be inside the barn with some of her beautiful antique finds.

Meet Me?

This is my third year as a vendor at the Barn Sale, and second working with these amazing ladies and friends.  I'm technically already late to start packing up the car, so I'll sign off and hope to see you at the Barn Sale tomorrow or Saturday!!!  

I'll be inside the barn beside Amelia!

Friday: 4-8PM
Saturday: 9AM-3PM
6934 Beaver Creek Road, Bridgewater VA

Until Soon,
 Sara XO

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