Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DIY: Pencil Dress-Up

Dear Friends,

With the weather so bright + sunny outside, color + flowers are exploding everywhere!  I was walking in the office supply store the other day and saw a box of good 'ol fashioned # 2 pencils. Always looking for justification to keep feeding my decorative tape addiction, I thought I'd try a little quick + bright DIY...hope you enjoy!

Until Soon,
Sara XX

-Assorted tapes
(I love our local beve! washi tapes!)

1. Starting at the top of the pencil (at the metal cap) wrap tape once around in a straight circle.
2. Holding pencil in one hand, and tape firmly with the other, wrap the pencil at an angle going towards the tip

3. When you hit the bottom of the pencil, wrap once more with a straight circle of tape and cut a straight edge with scissors.
4. Press tape down wherever there are bumps and smooth.

5.  Peel back tape as you sharpen your pencils.  Display your assortment in a pretty jar and enjoy!! 

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