Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beyond the Mileage

Dear Friends,

I have a confession...I still really dislike running.  A lot.  I'm feeling overwhelmed this week.  When I tried running the same trails my first 5K will follow, I didn't even make it a mile on the hills without stopping to walk.  After 6 weeks of training.  Ugh.

Running seems so simple.  Put one foot in front of the other.  I think of all the people who run 26 + miles!  What could I have done differently?  I'd followed a program for increasing distance, broken in personally fitted running shoes, added in weights, and cross-trained weekly.

But instead of going home and mentally berating myself, I grabbed my water and yoga mat and sat in the sunshine and let myself just breathe in and out.  I even tried listening to some relaxing river music but then, you know...you have to pee.

Allowing myself to be where I am...perhaps that might be the healthiest goal of all.  

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One thing I've done to try and re-focus my mind on goals other than running or hours at the gym was to make a varied chart/checklist.  There are fitness checks, but there are also goals like get my daily amount of calcium, call a family member or friend to catch up, and take the dogs to the park.

Each goal accomplished gets a simple check.  As two-dimensional as it is, it feels good to look over a month of accomplishments.  You could even count the checks and have rewards from the previous post, or create your own.

Leave a few blank spots to pencil in goals as you think of them, or too add even one-time goals.  A few other ideas might be:

- Be in bed by ___ PM every night
- Vacuum or de-clutter one area of the house
- Pay bills on time
- Make a gift for someone
- Cook a new recipe
- Clean out the closet
- Wash and fold laundry
- Read a new story to your kids
- Organize the kitchen pantry/cupboards

What might be some of your goals?  If you would like a copy, I've uploaded a blank chart as a PDF --- just follow the link .

In pursuit of a healthier life,
Sara XX

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  1. Anonymous2/11/2015

    Love it Sara! I think you make a great point about acceptance. I ESP like the checklist idea!


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