Thursday, December 4, 2014

Confessions of a Shop Girl...

“My dear,
Find what you love and let it kill you.
Let it drain you of your all.
For all things will kill you,
both slowly and fastly, 
but it’s much better to be killed by a lover."
-Charles Bukowski

Dear Friends,

This is my Thursday confession...sometimes being a shop girl is just hard.  Usually I am a little quiet about the struggle-y bits, because I am thankful to do something I love so much  --- but there are days I get home and feel bone-tired and discouraged (as I'm sure you have with your job!).  The small business world can be amazing, but it can also be isolating.  You work by yourself for yourself, and are often your worst boss.  Others can be critical, and I can take things too much to heart.  Bills stack, inventory runs out, meetings pile up...and suddenly I'm lost in a sea of self-doubt.  Thank goodness for customers who come in and laugh with me, tell me about their day, show me photos of things they've made, and leave as friends (for instance, I just planned an ukulele-playing evening at the shop with two girls who work next door, how awesome is that!?).

Today I noticed the hook in my shop where I hang my coat.  It's just a small thing, but it represents a determination I didn't know I possessed.  When I first started moving into our new location, the space was four unfinished walls and a half-tiled/half-concrete floor.  When the bathroom was built, I came and worked on it for days.  I had bought a hook thinking it would be an easy hang, but it was a tricky inverted enemy-hook that required a drill and a lot of unresolved stress.  Sometimes with home improvement projects I do the bare minimum, but I fought that hook five or six times until it could withstand several pounds of weight.  Every day I hang my things on that hook, on a door I painted, in a bathroom I floored, in a store I give everything to each day.  And that is enough for today.  Take that self-doubt.

Friends, I hope you're reminded that you are enough.  You doing what you do with love +

Until Soon + With Love,
Sara xx

The frenemy hook...
I love this...LJ items over the years that customers have brought home.  
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  1. Oh Sara! I know exactly how you feel and I applaud you for your honesty! Thank you so much for sharing:) xoxo Miranda

    1. Thank you so much, Miranda! I so appreciate the encouragement, and from a neighbor especially. :)

      XX, Sara


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