Friday, November 21, 2014

Unique Thanksgiving Tables

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving this week!  The following are some alternatives to the more traditional harvest decor, with jewel tones, fresh foliage, and fun ways to use leftover pumpkins from October.

So relax, eat an extra piece of pie, and savor this time with loved ones.

Sara / "Jane" xx

Rich Colors:
Love the mixture of foliage + flowers on both tables above.  Source: L, R
Leafy cabbages, magnolia leaves, and persimmons make for some fresh decorations!  Source: L, R

You Can Never Go Wrong with Gold

Coppery colors and earth tones are heavenly together.  Source.
More traditional colors are given extra dimension with rich golds + amber colors.  I love the succulent place holders on the right, or pine cones would work also.  Source: L, R.

When In Doubt, Always Pumpkins
Painted pumpkins and a coastal take on a typically harvest-colored holiday.  Source: L, R

Fun for Kids
Why not use leftover bright paper places + napkins and save a little on dish-washing duty!?  Also, how perfect are these little tables for picky eaters who don't like pie.  Sprinkles, frosting, and sliced almonds make little "meals".  Or add a drumstick with some little treats.  Other clever ideas?  Place kraft paper instead of a tablecloth and leave cups of crayons for pre or post-dinner entertainment.  
Source; Top, Lower L, Lower R

Extra Details
L: Offer guests "to go" containers to help save room in the fridge (though leftovers are never a bad problem to have!).  R: An acorn-painting craft for all ages, bonus idea --- take everyone outside and gather them!  Would work with pine cones or little branches too. 
Source: L, R

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