Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Persephone Falling
One narcissus among the ordinary beautiful
flowers, one unlike all the others! She pulled,
stooped to pull harder—
when, sprung out of the earth
on his glittering terrible
carriage, he claimed his due.
It is finished. No one heard her.
No one! She had strayed from the herd.
{ Rita Dove }

The tale of Persephone brings Greek mythology and the seasonal equinox + solstices together.  Legend has it that Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, wandered deep into the woods drawn to a beautiful and exotic blossom.  Hades awaited and kidnapped the young goddess.  Forcing her to the underworld, she became his bride.  Six months each year Persephone was granted time among the living, bringing the world warm months and life.  Her return to Hades left the world mourning her absence with half a year of barren darkness.

Floral Design by Jenn Pineault + the Nature Composed team
Model Laura Rogers, Hand-dyed silks by Willow Knows
Location courtesy of Early Mountain Vineyard
Styling + Headpiece, The Lady Jane.

Thank you-s to Jodi, Kurt, & Jenn for inviting me to the fun (and the best sticky rolls this side heaven!).  

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