Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A New Address

Dear Friends,

It's been (shamefully!) long since my last post --- I must confess it's been a long transition moving from one space to another, even though the distance was only about a half mile!

But after 7 weeks of waiting and working (like a bit of a mad woman!) I find myself in a new space filled with sunlight and warmth and I'm happy.  I still love this little job of mine, and after 3 years, that's pretty neat.  I also got to know a few friends much better as they generously helped and watched me hop around breaking things!

Now it's time to meet new faces, neighbors, and try to feel at home in a new outfit made of 4 walls and a ceiling.  I love our new street address...I've always been an even-number kind of girl, but for some reason 117 feels right.  I also kind of love that it's a new address to the world, I even had to go out and purchase numbers to put on the front door.

Thank you to all the new + familiar friends who have helped and come by to make me feel welcomed and supported.  It means the entire world to me.

Until Soon (I promise!),
Sara / "Jane" xx

Images courtesy of J.Ellis Photography.


  1. Anonymous9/10/2014

    WHERE is the new location? 117 ____?? I'm from out of town, and on recent drive-thru's noted the moving sign in your old shop window. I hope to visit the new shop soon...

    1. Hello! It is 117 S Main St, just a couple blocks down from our last location. Thank you!


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