Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY: Custom Baby Onesie

Dear Friends,

It's been awhile since I shared a personal project--- please forgive this neglect.  It has been a truly insane Spring...phew!

I just had the joy of celebrating a friend at her baby shower, and in the midst of shopping from their registry & all the adorable baby girl outfits in stores, a DIY idea took root.  The Momma & Daddy-to-be are both Virginia Tech fans, and after looking for VT baby apparel, nothing quite felt right. Stumbled upon this plain onesie, and decided to give it a go with some cheery fabric & a little love.

Hope you find this DIY useful!

Until Soon,
Sara xx

-Plain onesie
-Fabric(s) of your choice
-Sharp scissors, thread, & a thin sewing needle
-Poly fill or another type of filler

Step 1: I chose my fabrics & cut out initials/letters & a tiny heart embellishment.  Without sewing anything down, I tried different placements of the letters (chose R).

Step 2:  I began sewing the "V" and "T", starting one the inside of the letters & working around.  *Be sure to keep your non-sewing between the two layers of fabric to prevent sewing through to the back.*  I periodically stopped a straight stitch to loop an extra stitch along the edge for added strength.  Leaving a small pocket open, I filled the letters with a thin layer of poly fill to add dimension.  Using the end of a thin paintbrush, I gently spread the stuffing until it felt even.  I repeated the same with the heart.
Step 3:  I carefully cut off loose strings & pressed flat.  Unfortunately, this will probably not withstand a ton of machine washing, so if you give a similar gift to someone, you might want to pre-shrink everything, or leave a note to wash in cool water.
The finished onesie for a future Hokie-fan.

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