Thursday, June 12, 2014

10 Instagrams to Love

Dear Friends,

Today is a completely visual post ---- the following are some lovely IGers to follow, and the wonderful people behind the pictures.  Real quickly, I forced myself to only share people I have never worked with or met.  Mostly because I love every friend's account so much, that I could never choose few enough to fit in here...  <3

Until Soon,
Sara xx
P.S. Finds us @theladyjaneshop !!


> Seal Beach, CA
Organic + lovely, with beautiful photos of hand-tied bouquets, arrangements, crowns, + more from this SoCal shop.

Art + Culture

> Around the UK
I know, just serving to feed the Anglophilea...this is the newest IG account I've followed, sharing art + shows from Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate Modern, + Tate St. Ives.

> Cascas, Portugal
A portrait photographer whose photos of the Mediterranean make me want to jump into the water.

> the universe
I know, it's a strange one to throw into the mix, but it's easy to get immersed into these the zero-gravity videos are always a winner!

> LA/England
For any Downton fans, Michelle Dockery's instagram is a fun glimpse into the life of Lady Mary's alter-ego.  As in, this photo is enough reason to love her for life.  :)  "S'up Jane"...

Clothing + Accessories

> San Diego, CA
Beautiful, manly goods---hand-crafted canvas and leather shop.  You can almost smell the woodsy, coffee-filled air in their photos.

> Long Beach, CA
Looks like I need to make a visit to Long Beach very soon...Rodellee, the owner of Adored Vintage, has a way of presenting her beautiful pieces that make you want to reach out and touch the silk + crinoline.  A truly sneaky friend gave me a beaded purse from A.V. for Christmas, one of the most lovely surprises I've ever received.


> London, England
Interior design + creator of some brilliant stop-motion films.


> Seattle, WA
Tales of designer Tif's guinea pig, Mister Muchly + friends.  Look at that face!

>San Francisco, CA
Next to my puppies, a couple of my favorite dogs!  Harlow and Indi, a Weimaraner + Dachsund going on adventures and then snuggling.  Daily-dose of sweet and silly.

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