Thursday, May 1, 2014

Handmade Mother's Day: Guest Post by Pamela

Mother’s day is fast approaching and these lovely ladies need a little something to remind them that they are appreciated!

I have often found that gifts made by your hands and the heart strike a chord, even as adults. So here are some DIY mother’s day gift ideas to give your mommy on her day, or to supplement a gift you’ve already gotten her. *Disclaimer—these are almost all water color oriented.
Water colored ceramics: {Note that with all watercolor things the more water you use the runnier and more translucent the color will be.}

Water Color Ceramics:

I have a huge love of mugs, as do many of my coffee and tea loving peers. But for this, you can use any porcelain dish, decorative item you wish. There are $1 items at the dollar store (including mugs and plates) and cool owls, cat, picture frames you can get at places like Michael’s Arts and Crafts.  You’ll also need some porcelain paint (I used Martha Stewart’s all purpose, every surface paint), brushes, water, and an oven set to 350 degrees. Here is a link to a lovely tutorial! These girls went with an abstract pattern, but if you use a little stencil or even just wing it, you can make a city skyline, flowers, portraits, animals….pretty much whatever you want. They come out looking AMAzing! Here is a step by step tutorial.

Blank Cards:

As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time looking at cards, photographs, building my style and portfolio. I also spend time making designs to use for my own life and here is one for you to use! 

Print it for your beautiful momma and write something meaningful inside. I recommend printing on card-stock. I know it looks backwards, but once you print and fold it, everything will be where it’s supposed to be! It is sized to take up the top half of a regular piece of printer paper.



 If you’re into making your own things with those crafty hands of yours, try this beautiful water color card! The card can say anything you want, but here is a sample. All you need is a white colored pencil and any watercolors you like (plus a brush and water, obviously)! Use nice, thick paper; perhaps water color paper will serve you best. This one will take imagination and creativity! But you can never go wrong with abstract water color—it always looks beautiful! To see the white writing under the water color, it’s best to take a paper towel rolled into a little point and clean off the excess from the letters so they’re nice and bright! You can write whatever you want—I would be inclined to write a quote of some sort and write something more personal on the back. By clicking the link you can see pictures and get ideas and tips for how to make your card exactly what you want.  

Homemade picture envelope:

And while you’re making cards, you might as well put your fancy mother’s day card in a fancy envelope; a keepsake photo envelope that reveals a picture on the inside of the envelope. Again, use card-stock. And you can print the picture right on the paper (even copying and pasting the picture into a word document works perfectly!) Once you print it out, trace out the pattern, cut, fold, glue/tape, and voila!  An awesome envelope!

Crayon Art:

Image: L, R
Crayon art has become a popular thing in the past couple of years proving crayons can be just as cool when you’re an adult…or at least I think so. The bare minimum of what you will need for this is a box of crayons (the bigger the better!), a hair dryer, and a canvas (you can buy pretty cheap ones at any craft store). I like this particular tutorial because it shows melting the crayons at an angle creating a very cool, watercolor look. You can experiment with how you hold the crayons to see if you can achieve different results. If you paint a nice thick layer of a light colored acrylic paint underneath, you can then also write on the canvas with a sharpie. It makes great wall art for the home and you will feel like a big kid again….plus mom will be a happy camper! Here are some more instructions and tips

Even if these ideas weren’t quite what you needed, I hope it will inspire you to get crafty this weekend to make something cool for your mother. She’s probably a pretty neat lady and knowing you put the little spare time you have and heart into a project for her will make her happy.  

XO, Pamela

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