Friday, May 16, 2014

Food Styling: Drinks & Desserts

Dear Friends,

Something incredibly inspiring to browse through are photos of food/drink styling...especially using fresh herbs, citrus, edible flowers, etc.

A few current food/drink styling trends are:
-Choosing either very light or dark backgrounds/drops
-Clear or white porcelain dishware as a blank "canvas"
-Simple cutlery, minimal props
-Natural wood surfaces

Even though I am not culinary-minded (see all the things I've burned beyond eating!!), I love that these ideas can be translated to help me make any meal special.  I hope you will also feel inspired to try some of these ideas on your table. Coming soon --- Food Styling: Meals & Tablescapes

Until Soon,
Sara xx

Herbs add flavor fresh or dried, and are a quick garnish.

Image: L, R

Flowers make even the simplest drink or dessert beautiful...

Image: 2 L, R
Image: L, R
 *** Here is a list of edible flowers with suggestions and flavor guides.  If you really want to use a flower you're not sure of, just be sure to remove before serving anyone.  Clean out any residual pollen & be sure to use only the edible portions.  :)

Citrus/berries are both colorful & delicious:

Image: L, R
Image: L, R 


  1. Drinks, to me, are the HARDEST to style!!! I always struggle with them. These photos are gorgeous though. Lovely.

    1. I LOVE your food & drink (and dessert!!) photographs! Seriously--- you have a gift, friend.


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