Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Summer Picnic

Dear Friends,

So, with all the blog focus on food & drink styling this week I felt inspired to have my own (small scale) special meal --- throw in a cancelled music rehearsal, and yesterday I had an hour to sit and savor a mealtime.  Usually meals are just "get it out of the way so we can move on to the next part of the day"-time, but sometimes it's wonderful to really stop and enjoy either eating al fresco, foraging for some flowers to put on the table, or running out to buy your favorite in-season berries.  Now, my photos are terrible (didn't have time to grab the real camera!), but I enjoyed this little break from work so much.  I hope you will also feel a little nudge to enjoy at least a meal or two during your week, whether dining in for one or two, or a crazy weeknight family meal.

Until Soon,
Sara xx

Picking a few wild greens & some peonies.
A simple meal of fruit, cheese, nuts, and some tossed greens.  
Recently splurged on some new dressings...this Strawberry Balsamic is both local and delicious!
Best part of the meal --- time with the pups in the yard.  They LOVE when meals are on the floor!

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