Tuesday, April 15, 2014

18 Easter Egg DIYs

Dear Friends,

It's hard to believe that Easter is right around the corner!  I am feeling so inspired by these variations on the traditional dyed Easter Egg, and can't wait to have a moment to sit down and try a few of these out.

As a little girl, my sister and I would eagerly wait for the eggs to boil, the dye to be ready...and then we'd end up with brown eggs because we wanted to dip them into every color.  Later, we would eat our egg salad sandwiches tinted in blues and purples from the dye!  From natural to glitter-bombs, I hope you also feel inspired.

Stay tuned for our take on natural, farm-fresh Easter Eggs, and a fool-proof technique for the BEST scrambled eggs --- coming this week.

Until Soon,
Sara xx

Spring Beauties:
L: Source, R: Source 
Source: L, C, R

Source: LR

Glitter & Foil:
Source: L, C, R
Source: LCR

Dye, Watercolor, & Decoupage:
Source: Top L, Bottom L, R
Source: L, R

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