Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wearable Florals: Part 2

Dear Friends,

It has been too long!  Apologies for the break in posting, I am writing you from my sister's room at a hospital in Northern Virginia.  So grateful to Pamela & Erin for keeping the shop open for me, and to you for your patience with the unusual store hours.

We're still here in ICU, but both Mum & sister are resting, so I have a quick moment to write.  It feels great to pop open the computer again (aka, I've missed seeing you all at the shop!).

Here is the second part of the wearable florals I've been ogling, from some truly inspiring florists & designers.  Also, a sneak peek at the Woodland Romance shoot I had a chance to style with my lovely & talented friends Erin & Abby.

From Oh Joy!
Floral Bracelets
 Corsage Necklace & Flower Wristlet

Via OnceWed:
Wildflower necklace & boutonniere

From Sarah Winward Floral Design:
Floral Cuffs

 From Love 'n Fresh Flowers:
Floral necklace, barrette, & a darling little ring...

The one downside of floral jewelry is that it will only last a short while...but that somehow just adds to the beauty.  For a natural but more permanent "floral" jewelry, check out Alchemy, an Australian jewelry company focusing on eco & sustainable creations...I love the wood & stone elements.

Lastly, here's a sneak peek at the Jasmine "necklace" from our shoot...more images to come soon!

Image: Erin Forehand Photography
Florist: Abby Long / Blakemore's Flowers
Model: Farren Francis

Until Soon & With Love, 

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