Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Lady Jane: A Woodland Romance...

Ode with a Lament
By Pablo Neruda

Oh girl among the roses, oh pressure of doves, 
oh prison of fish and rosebushes, 
your soul is a bottle filled with thirsty salt 
and your skin a bell full of grapes. 
I have nothing to give you save fingernails 
or eyelashes, or melted pianos, 
or dreams that spring gushing from my heart...

Credits & Thank Yous:
Farren, Model
Erin Coleman of Truly Bridal
Laura Lavender, Calligraphy & Illustration

This past winter, my beautiful friend Erin asked me to collaborate on a second shoot with her.  She stipulated that I should "go for it", willing to capture anything that came out of my heart.  It was such a unique opportunity to escape into some of my favorite things (thank you, Erin!!).  With florals from my crazy-talented friend Abby, and our gorgeous & lovely model Farren, our shoot took place on one of the first warm days of the year.  Taking inspiration from poetry and original gothic fairy tales...woods and forests...the light and the dark, I am so thankful for all who were involved.  I hope you enjoyed our "Woodland Romance" --- check back soon for images from the second half of our day!

Deepest thanks to all who shared their time and talents --- Erin, Abby, Farren, Erin Coleman, Laura, and Amy.  Too much fun to count as work...

Until Soon,

Coming Soon: Part 2 of our Woodland Romance...


  1. Such a lovely post :) Love the photos a lot xx

    1. Thank you, Jenni!! I'm so glad you enjoyed --- xo!


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