Friday, February 14, 2014

Frothy Fun: Austenland the Movie

Dear Friends,

Happy Valentine's Day!!  Hoping your day is surrounded by the people & things (dogs!) you love most.  If you're keeping it low key this weekend, perhaps it would be the perfect time to cuddle up and indulge in a guilty-pleasure...Ahhh, hello Austenland!

Austenland, a film adaptation of the book by Shannon Hale, is the story of Jane Hayes --- an avid Austen-enthusiast who has come to believe that fictional men are quite preferable to real ones.  The opportunity of a lifetime comes in the form of a trip to Austenland, the world's only "immersive Austen experience".  Dropped into the regency era complete with corsets & snippets from each Austen novel, adventures and comedy ensue.

Disclaimer: We didn't intend on timing this to go with V-Day, but the film was just released on the 11th!

Pros:  I loved Keri, Jane, and JJ --- but the supporting cast also stole the spotlight.  From Jennifer Coolidge's "Miss Charming", the brash & bawdy "Bloody Amew-rican", with lines like "Tallyho, a hunting we will go!  The British are coming, the British are coming!" "Miss Amelia Hartwright", brilliantly played by Georgia King.  Lots of spoofs and cliches of Austen characters.  It was fun to try and catch which details were from which Austen novel.
Lost some of the depth & warmth from the original.  The movie was more frothy-fun than a true adaptation of the book.

The fake animals kept me giggling throughout...

Jane takes Darcy-fandom to a whole new level...
So much pink!  Jennifer Coolidge is so over-the-top... "Look!  A car from the 1800s!" 

So snuggle down with a cuppa tea, your favorite PJs, a snuggle bunny, and enjoy the silliness.  :)

Until Soon, 
Sara xx

Available from Itunes & Amazon for rental or purchase.
Images courtesy of Sony Pictures.  Visit the official Austenland website here.

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