Thursday, February 20, 2014

For the Love of Feed Sacks

Dear Friends,

Hope you are faring well on this slightly warmer day!  I'm often asked what kind of vintage items are my favorite.  I'm afraid I love it all, but feed-sacks are certainly very hard to pass up.

A quick history...
Feed-sacks were produced from early 1800s through about the 1940s.  Women would save the fabric from their flour, sugar, seeds, or farming materials to make clothing, towels, aprons, and quilts (the first DIY-ers!).

Companies would try to make their brand more appealing by offering patterned feed sacks, often choosing floral patterns or offering a "limited series".  Some even had sewing patterns printed on the back for doll clothing.  Flash-forward to present day, and feed sacks have seen a resurgence of popularity, especially in the world of sewing.

A feed-sack quilt from the shop back in 2012.  I almost couldn't part with her!!

But truly, there's something so beautiful about the softly-worn fabric & faded colors.  Here are some of my current feed-sack collection, along with how I've tried to incorporate them into the shop.

Current patterns waiting for projects!!
L: Feed-sack button bobbies, R: Feed-sack pinnies
Feed-sacks sewn onto cards w/button embellishments 
Feed-sack and rose pillow...I loved this pattern so much!!

So next time you see a feed-sack you love, it might need to come home with you...the possibilities are endless!!

Ideas for feed sack projects!
-Tea Towels
-Table runners
-Quilted blankets or pillowcases
-Sewn tech-cases

Until Soon,
Sara xx

For more on the history of feed-sacks, see these two articles!
Etsy: A Sustainable Fabric History
Ebay: The Wonderful World of Feed Sacks

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