Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Etsy Finds

Dear Friends,

Aside from wonderful local shops, I like to look on Etsy for special gifts for friends & family.  With millions of shops, and lots of customizable options, there is something for everyone!  Plus, because each shop is hosted & maintained by individuals, it's great to know you're supporting artists & creators directly.

A Few Tips for Using Etsy:
-If you are in a time-crunch for shipping, you can filter your online search to include shops only in your area.
-Be sure to read reviews & look at shop ratings.  You can view individual reviews, or simply look to see the number of stars on the L side of their shop (out of 5).
-You can type in a price range, so you don't end up sifting through gifts outside of your budget.
-Create an Etsy account!  You can "Favorite" shops you like, otherwise it's easy to forget shop names & lose track of places you've visited.

For Wee Ones:
I love this colorful ABC print, perfect for hanging on the wall from Water Sounds (L image, UK).  A Make-Your-Own mobile from Button Face Co (R Image, London) with cheery hot air balloons is perfect for a nursery.

For Him:
There are also quite a few Etsy shops that carry great products for men.  Two that I've just recently discovered are tmbr (Right images, US) and Treesizeverse (Left images, Belgium).  The wooden sunglasses are such a unique find!

For Her:
The shop RumRaisin (Left image, Thailand) is a fun & eclectic hair & accessories shop with a boho-gypsy vibe.   AF Jewelry is a nature-inspired jewelry boutique from Greece.  My favorites were the silver twig earrings (Top R image), they are so delicate & simple.  The stack-able gold & silver rings are from Hannah Naomi (Bottom R image, US), and I love the mixed-metal look.

I'm so drawn to light-colored wooden designs right now...I love these darling ring boxes from Miss Vintage Wedding (L & Top R images, Hungary), and the laser-cut wood initial necklaces from Havok Designs (Bottom R image, US).

For Fluffy Ones:
How fun are these gourmet dog treats?  Made with all natural ingredients that are pet-safe (including carob, peanut butter, and Po's Bag of Bones Bakery.  A little fancy for the every day, but these would be so sweet as birthday gifts or for a friend with a new dog!  They also have special cat treats with real cat nip baked in.

I hope you all stay safe & warm in this potential snowstorm headed our way!

Until Soon,
Sara xx


  1. I love etsy ! The Dog treats are such a great idea. Love everything else as well :)

    1. Thank you, Jenni! I love Etsy as well.
      Following you on bloglovin' ---- love the hearts background!

      Cheers, Sara xx


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