Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Belle Lumiere, Volume III

Dear Friends,

I hope you're surviving the continual winter & chill!  My whole being seems to ache for sunshine and warmth.  In the midst of all this cold, it was so refreshing to flip through the pages of our most recent feature.

It's always incredible to see your thoughts translated into photographs---almost like a running film of your mind, if that makes sense!  I was so grateful to see this vintage summer swim shoot in a beautiful, 20-page spread in Belle Lumiere Magazine, Volume III.

I was also delighted to attempt a write-up of the shoot.  I'll share a short excerpt:
August in Virginia is a strong mixture of heat and humidity, with long days that seem to carry over into the next.  Trees hang heavy with fruit, and a steady hum of cicadas sings from above.  Life slows to a more relaxed pace, and friends linger over cold melon and sweet tea.  Laughter fills neighborhoods as children race through sprinklers and tempting smells travel from backyard grills.  The sun lazily drifts behind the mountains and fireflies blink in time.

So let us hold to hope that summer will come again!!  And stay tuned, we have several shoots scheduled for Spring...itching to shake off winter & get back at it!

Until Soon,
Sara xx

Thank you to Jodi & Kurt for the beautiful images, Becca & Jack, our lovely models, and to Lynn for the beautiful suits.  Many thanks to Belle Lumiere for this collection, I will treasure my copy for years to come.

Models: Becca Van Cleave & Jack Clover
Bathing Suits: Lynn Lindsay
Location: Private residence in Lexington, VA
Swim Cap, Props, & Styling: The Lady Jane


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