Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Adoption Love, Part 1

Dear Friends,

Usually this blog is a place for me to write about decorating, DIY, or crafting ideas, but sometimes I feel the need to write about personal things.  With three amazing families around me going through the adoption process, I wanted to share both their stories and a little about my own adoption.

Today, I'm so excited to introduce you to Mary, Alden, Sheppard, and Pierce.

I first met Mary in college.  She was (and is) the kindest, brightest soul---with a warmth about her that embraces everyone lucky enough to meet her.  I met Alden at a campus ministry.  He was a theater major and full of energy & life.  We were always alive & full of laughter when he was in the room.  They are both lovely, lovely people.

They met while working at the same TV station, and have been married since 2008.  After graduation, we all scattered for a short time, but Mary found a photo of the store online and messaged me that they were still living in town.  I was so happy to reconnect---they were two of my first customers on opening day.

School & job opportunities sent them to Lynchburg, where through various work and volunteer experiences, they both developed a strong interest in adoption, especially for older children who have been institutionalized for years waiting for a family.  I remember the two of them coming by the shop to say a quick hello last year, while visiting Harrisonburg.  They excitedly shared that they were pursuing adoption, and I was immediately touched to see the hope and love in their eyes.  Even before they knew their child, they loved him or her so much.
Above, Mary & Alden
Below, their personal adoption blog
From Mary & Alden's adoption page:
It was right after their move, in December of 2011, that God used Reece’s Rainbow and adoption blogs to break Mary’s heart for orphans with special needs, especially the older aging out teens. After praying and searching God’s word about caring for orphans and widows, Alden too had his heart broken. With both of them on board with the idea of growing their family through adoption, they began researching various options and never looked back! Through many twists and turns in this adventure, God has led them to Sheppard on Reece’s Rainbow- and now Pierce as well! Mary and Alden are beyond excited to adopt these wonderful teens and make them their forever sons!

That's right, they have TWO sons waiting to be brought home.  Sheppard is a 15-year-old boy from Eastern Europe.  He has been waiting a long time for a family.  Below is a quote from Mary's post:

Want to know a little bit about our boy? This is from a blog post from another adopting mom who wrote about our Sheppard mere days before we committed to him: 

I wish you could have seen the facilitator's eyes as she described Sheppard's need for a family. She is heartbroken that no one has chosen him yet. She is haunted by Sheppard's sorrowful begging. Every time this facilitator visits his orphanage Sheppard implores her to find him a family.

"I will wash dishes! I will clean the house every day! I am a good boy! I will love my family!" he begs her.

This boy may be older and he has been institutionalized his whole life, but the facilitator assures me that this boy is very kind and considerate. He is not the kind of boy to turn around and say 'no' to the family coming to get him.

The facilitator states that she is absolutely sure that this boy would fit into any family, even a family with small children. Not many older institutionalized children get such an amazing testimonial from the facilitators.

And then later, Mary & Alden shared a surprise --- their second son, Pierce.
We have been keeping a secret from you :) (it's been so hard not to tell!)...

From the beginning of this process, we have felt that there was another kiddo out there for us....we didn't know who s/he was or where s/he was.....we just felt very strongly that Sheppard wasn't going to be the only child we were bringing home...

So we prayed. We asked God to show us who this second kiddo might be. We looked through the many (many) other faces of kiddos listed on Reece's Rainbow. We prayed some more...

And then, one normal morning as I was sipping on coffee and trying to wake up, we got an email from our team in country- Sheppard has a best friend in his orphanage. He is also available for adoption. Yep, you read that right! A BEST FRIEND! I almost spilled coffee all over my desk!

Please do visit their personal blog to read more, and to see updates from Mary & Alden.  Leave them some words of encouragement, I know it would mean so much to them.
You can also view photos of their two sons, and learn how to donate towards their adoption goal.  They are also having a t-shirt fundraiser right now!

Until Soon,
Sara xx

Questions I've (loved!) to be asked about adoption:
Q: Did/do your family keep your adoption secret for any period of time?
A: Well, my poor parents never had that option because we look so different!  ;)   But no, from the very beginning, adoption was something to be celebrated and discussed.  
Q: How old were you?  Where was your adoption?
A: I was 2 months old at the time in foster care. 

Meeting for the first time <3
Do you have any questions regarding being an adopted child or adoption in general?  Email me by Thursday PM and I will try to answer them if I can!  Questions will all be shared anonymously here.


  1. You are such a delightful person, Sara. Loved this blog and the personal touches you put in it. -Sharon Cline

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon. Your feedback & support over the past 3 years have meant so much to me! P.S. Your sharing tonight was such a perfect way to start this study. Thank you for your friendship to us all. xoxo

  2. Anonymous2/07/2014

    One of the three best days of my life! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you, Mom! Love you to the moon and back a thousand times. xoxo


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