Friday, January 31, 2014

Beautiful Sounds: Ben Sollee

Dear Friends,

Happy Friday!!  Ben Sollee is one talented guy --- from his mad cello skills to his bluesy/folksy vocals...

Ben is an artist based out of Kentucky.  His style ranges from folk to R&B, jazz to bluegrass.  His first album, Learning to Bend, debuted in 2008 and he has since released 5 more.  Currently, he is featured on the soundtrack for the film Maidentrip, a documentary recounting the trip around the world taken by a 16-year-old Laura Dekker.

He writes & arranges much of his own music, and uses an eclectic blend of instruments.  Some might liken his style to Andrew Bird or Sufjan Stevens, with some Paul Simon thrown in.

Love his music, it's easy to listen to at work, and I especially love his cello-centric songs.  Below are all the albums available for listening, his most recent being Half Made Man.

Be sure to listen to: 
Prettiest Tree on the Mountain from Learning to Bend (2008)
Sweet Marie from Dear Companion (2010), vocals by Daniel Martin Moore
 No Turning Back (The Panama Canal), from the Maidentrip soundtrack (2014)

Great to listen to, check him out online, on Facebook, or on Spotify.

Until Soon,
Sara xx

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