Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stylists to Love...

Dear Friends,

Some of you may already be following these lovely, talented designers, but these are 3 interior stylists I am always inspired by.  They have each stayed so true to their own style, and their work is very personal and heartfelt.  Oh, and they all happen to be Brits (3 more reasons why I need to keep saving for a trip across the pond!).

Who are some designers/stylists you enjoy following?

I hope you enjoy!  Links to follow them all on their own personal blogs and IG accounts included.

Until Soon,
Sara xx

Emily Chalmers:

She has written several books, among them are two on my shelf, Flea Market Style and Modern Vintage Style (we still have this title available at the shop!).   She also runs a darling online boutique called Caravan where she sells her own home designs from lamps to rugs to dishes..  Her styling tends to be a little bolder, and I love the way she mixes different vintage eras & styles together into one delightful space.

Find her online here, or on Instagram @caravanstyle.
Emily Chalmers, source

Selina Lake:

If you've ever pinned anything vintage-inspired, or picked up a book and loved every single page, you were probably looking at Selina Lake's work!  Full of floral prints, happy colors, and homespun style, her books are an instant pick-me-up whenever I step inside.  She manages to mix and match colors and patterns in unexpected, perfectly harmonious ways.  I have loved her book, Romantic Style (you might remember us selling that in the shop!) and have been eyeing both Pretty Pastel Style and Homespun Style for quite some time.  Her newest book, Outdoor Living is set to be released this Spring.

Find her blog here, or follow her beautiful adventures on Instagram @selinalake.

Selina Lake styling, source
Dottie Angel (Tiff Fussell):

I love how I came to know & adore Dottie Angel --- a customer and her sweet family were in the shop a couple years back, and she asked me if I had ever seen Dottie's work before.  I had never heard the name, and she told me to go online and look her up.  I am so glad she did, for Dottie has quickly become one of my favorite, coziest inspiration sources.  She follows the line of vintage and "granny chic", with hand-stitched, DIY creations full of whimsy.  Her Instagram feed is one of my all-time favorites, with her daily crafts, a little Dachshund named Olive, and a snuggly little guinea pig named Mister Muchly.

I could kick myself for not ordering her book, Dottie Angel: the peachy crafty world of Tiff Fussell, before it went out of print after a limited release...but I have put her newest book on my wish list.

Find her online, or on Instagram @dottieangel.
Dottie Angel's designs, source

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