Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nursery Rhyme DIY

Dear Friends,

Hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

One of my favorite memories of The Lady Jane is the book club that started meeting at the shop in 2011.  We've since changed to meeting in each others' homes, and have formed special friendships over tea and books.  This past December, we threw one of the girls (and a dear friend) a literary-themed shower!  *Disclaimer/warning to others, I'm afraid your birthday/anniversary/Christmas gifts may end up on the blog in future too... ;)

On one of my hunts for treasure, I came across a well-loved edition of Mother Goose's nursery rhymes.  Published in the '40s and buried under miscellaneous books, I carefully opened the pages with delight.  The illustrations were so nostalgic, and the rhymes familiar...and the sweet crayon markings throughout had managed to miss some of my favorite pages.  I had to purchase for this very special little one we were celebrating.

Here are some of the finished projects, this gift DIY would work well with old photographs, storybook pages, & much more!

Hope you enjoy,
Sara / "Jane" xx

Paper cutter
Assorted tapes & papers
Books or photographs
Glue stick or double-sided tape

1) Choose illustrations & carefully remove from source (I used the sharp end of a scissors to cut the pages from the book as pulling ripped the older paper)
2) Clean edges with paper cutter, size to fit frame or card
3) Carefully glue or tape to background of your choice (use glue sparingly to avoid damaging the aged pages)
4) Let dry and embellish to your liking.  I used three 11" x 14" frames with glass-to-edge frames


  1. Oh my goodness so precious!! I will now be on lookout for such books at school!

    1. Thank you, Farren!! Yes, I bet the school library book sales would be full of great finds! It was lovely seeing you the other day, hope your first few days back are calm & peaceful.

  2. Adina Bailey1/02/2014

    These turned out so well. You are so talented!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Adina! Hope the five of you had a very special Christmas & New Year's!!


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