Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kinfolk Workshop: Part 2

"Please join us this month to bring the outdoors in and bedeck our homes with 
natural decor for the holiday season and beyond.  We'll be getting our hands dirty 
making and playing with nature's best seasonal offerings.  Come spend a few ours 
with old and new friends, where we'll create, commune, and converse together."

I loved the Kinfolk invitation, it perfectly summarized what the day was about---and I am so thankful for this day of gathering together, creating, and laughing.  It inspired my mind, warmed my heart, and gave me the chance to escape to a more beautiful place for one cozy afternoon.  Thank you again to the ladies of Spring Creek Roller Mills, and to the wonderful guests!

Hope you will enjoy Part 2 of this Natural Home Decor Workshop.

Until Soon,
Sara / "Jane" xx

Once all of the greenery was , and the tables laid with scissors, wire, & forms, 
we started the afternoon sharing a cup of cider & getting to know one another more...
Everyone was invited to gather their own greenery.  It was beautiful 
to see the mixture of textures and colors each person chose.
Hope was such a wonderful instructor, we all felt 
like wreath-making-pros when she was done!
Below: Teaching a quick mini-garland & gift topper DIY.
Favors included birch-wood candles made by 
Katie and felted owl ornaments from the shop.
Amy hanging a wreath for final touches.  Isn't her home beautiful?!
Ooohing over a finished wreath!
After the creating came to an end, we quickly changed the worktables into supper tables.
One of the loveliest parts of the day was breaking to share a meal together.  
Supper was a hearty meal of bread, cheese, and soup.  
Hope's fresh gingerbread & cream finished off the evening perfectly.

Thank yous/Ladies of Spring Creek Roller Mills
Amy          Hope        Katie & Amelia

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