Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"House Cheats"

Dear Friends,

Putting together a list of some "House Cheats" for you on this snowy day!  Sometimes I like to hit a Refresh button on my little house --- no big expenses, just some time and elbow grease!

1. Deep clean
Oh cleaning...some days it's just an accomplishment to go to sleep with no dishes in the sink.  But it's amazing how cleaning house can reopen your eyes to possibilities.

I like to start with a serious vacuuming --- extenders and all!  This gets furniture moving naturally, and may lead to new ideas.  Also, nothing beats a real dish towels for scrubbing (paper towels fall apart so quickly) --- and a bucket for soapy water.
Source: L, R
2.  Rearrange!!
Sometimes moving one table from an upstairs bedroom down can tie a room together!  Even switching up comforters or draperies can make your house feel like it's gotten a little makeover.

Some of my favorite things to move around are lamps, chairs, and small tables.  These items are light enough that you can try them out in different places without needing lots of help getting them back (aka, no one needs to know how many times you've changed your mind!).

Have a spare dining chair?  Paint and add to a guest room for instant seating.  Or, replace as a nightstand and move the table to the living room for a lamp to sit on.
Source: L, R
3.  Paint
My favorite way to bring new life into a home!  I love color, but recently I've been feeling overwhelmed by the mixture of paints from one room to the next.  One room is a deep blue, which I love, but makes the room feel a bit cramped.

I'm planning to repaint the master bedroom & kitchen in softer shades of white & gray.  Here are some images I love --- lots of light and soothing colors of cream.  We'll see how far I get before I lose focus & the trim stays covered in blue tape for months...  :)
Source: L, R
Source: L, R
We'll see how much I get done over the next few weeks!  I should probably be working on taxes... What are some of your "house cheats", I'd love to hear!

Until Soon,
Sara / "Jane" xx


  1. I took full advantage of this snow day and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, and did laundry... whew. I also love to bake or plug in my scantsy to make the apartment smell clean and homey :)

    1. That's fabulous, Farren!!! You must have the most beautiful apartment. And smells are an excellent house cheat...if the house smells good, it smells cleaner!! I'm so glad you had a couple days off --- you teachers deserve them so much!


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