Thursday, January 30, 2014

Birthday Card DIY: Ruby Red Slippers

Dear Friends,

Here's a quick DIY for this chilly Thursday!  I made this card for my wonderful neighbor at RubyRed Shoe Boutique.   It could easily be adapted for any high-heeled shoe, but the instructions below are for a Dorothy's Slippers Card.

Inspiration photos --- Source L, Top R, Lower R

-12" x 12" cardstock in blue gingham* and red glitter, x 1 each
-8.5" x 11" sheets of white cardstock x 2
-Craft glue (I love Elmer's)
*To capture Dorothy's look, I chose to add a blue gingham interior for the shoe, but light blue paper would work just as well!

Blue Gingham for Dorothy's dress, R: Source

-Draw a shoe outline with pencil onto white cardstock & cut.  Make a second template for the bow.
-Fold the second piece of plain cardstock in half, horizantally.  Trace your shoe template onto the folded cardstock, making sure the folded line connects to the top of the shoe. Cut out.
-Once you have your folded blank shoe, trace onto the red glittered cardstock backwards (so the glitter will face the front once it is glued).  Glue glittered shoe to the front of your card.
-Carefully cut a "foot" opening for the blue gingham.
-Place slipper onto the back of the blue gingham, trace around and cut out gingham, leaving about 1/2 inch for gluing.  Attach gingham to the front of card, face-up.
-Lastly, cut out your red bow, and gently fold sides up to give dimensionality.  Glue to the front of the card, pressing several seconds to ensure adhesion.
-Let dry overnight & write a special note!

Tip: I prefer liquid glue to glue sticks, and like to use a paint trowel to spread the glue evenly over the paper.

Hope you enjoyed --- and if you haven't been by to check out the gorgeous shoes at RubyRed, you must come by soon!  Just follow the West Market concrete road!!

Until Soon,

P.S. Also made a little Dorothy box to hold a gift!  xx

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