Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chalkboard DIYs & Tiny Prints

Dear Friends,

In the midst of this busy time, it can get a little overwhelming to think of wrapping all the presents hidden in closets & under beds...but I hope this simple DIY will encourage you to set aside a few hours to wrap and package the gifts you've so carefully chosen.  While the Christmas music is playing, enjoy the memories you've shared with each person on your list, and remember that presenting gifts is still a beautiful, meaningful practice of showing love.

I hope you enjoy this Chalkboard Gift Tag DIY, inspired by Tiny Prints and their chalkboard-themed stationary!  To view their full line of Christmas cards, click here.

Wishing you a very warm, wonderful week,
Sara / "Jane" xx

"Chalk Crystals" Christmas cards & Invitations --- also available in gift tags and labels!
Chalkboard Gift Tags:
These tags are festive and reusable, and would be a great gift by themselves packaged as a set.
-Wooden "tags"
- Chalkboard paint, we used a classic black and found a soft gray
- Fine to Medium-grit sandpaper
- Chalk for curing & writing
- Brushes, 1 foam for chalkboard paint, fine brushes for details
- Acrylic paint (optional)
- Craft Glue & Glitter (optional)

Step 1: Prime raw wood by sanding lightly to smooth finish.  Using a foam brush, paint first coat on both sides, allowing to dry in between.  Paint two more coats, and allow to dry several hours.

Step 2: After last coat has dried, use a piece of white chalk and rub onto the surfaces of the tags.  Wipe clean & let dry.  This is called "curing", and makes the chalkboard easier to write on & erase.
Step 3: Add any embellishments desired using a variety of paints & techniques!  I used a white acrylic paint and a small brush to paint permanent designs on the tags above.  Below, a little craft glue and some glitter make a cheery border.
Step 6: Finish off tags with ribbon or twine, mark names with chalk, & add to your gifts under the tree!
Optional: I tried a couple of floral tags, gift tags for my Mom & sister this year!  

Holiday Party Chalkboards:
These simple party ideas are a fun way to use up any leftover chalkboard paint while making some festive party-ware!

-Plywood / wooden board in any size you like
-Assorted wooden "platters" & rounds, find at your craft store in the raw wood aisle
-Chalkboard paint 
(*look for the non-toxic paint vs. spray paint at your craft store if using to serve food)
-Chalk for curing & writing

This menu cost less than $2 to make!
L: A simple wooden platter becomes a cocktail display or cheese plate
R: Small wooden discs become write-able coasters for under 50 cents each!
***If you have leftover paint, you may end up looking around for other objects you can turn into chalkboards!!  We used an antique window (below) to create a festive greeting.  
Note: The best surfaces to paint on are porous (wood, walls, doors, etc.); paint may scrape off of glass or mirrored surfaces.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from The Lady Jane!  
Thank you to Tiny Prints for the inspiration & lovely feature!

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