Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Forgotten Beauty

On a humid summer afternoon, we traipsed up a mountainside.  Suddenly, the dirt road split into two pathways, overgrown trees and vines clung tightly to each other, and a vast estate appeared.  

When we returned that final morning, the fog lingered & cast filmy light everywhere.  Strains of poetry hung in the mist that morning, and a haunting tale took shape --- one of a soul trapped, waiting to be freed.

A lone figure wandering,
Beautiful in her isolation. 
Traversing the landscape,
Her stage a veranda between the trees.

Standing tall, lined with columns,
Covered in a stone facade,
He reveals no secrets though his walls decay.
Suddenly he awakens...

On her pilgrimage for love,
She lingers here.  
Drawn to the quiet beating
Of his marble heart.
- Excerpt from Belle Lumiere Volume II

Baby's Breath Bolero: Sugar Magnolias
Model: Kristyn

Thank you so much to Jodi, Kurt, Jenn, & our beautiful model, Kristyn!!
Honored to have this session published in Belle Lumiere, Volume II.

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