Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Garland-Making at The Lady Jane

This past Saturday we made a few popcorn garlands at the shop.  While chatting, laughing, and trying not to poke our fingers, we shared some ideas for garland-making with friends---a Christmas movie marathon with popcorn to snack & to string...or a gathering with hot cider to string cranberries, dried fruits, and popcorn. 

For anyone who hasn't tried this before, or to the pros, I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial!

Until Soon,
Sara / "Jane" xx

-Popped corn: day-old is easier to string & less likely to crumble.  You can either nab some butter-less bags at the store, or pop kernels over the stove/in a brown bag in the microwave
-Needle, scissors, & any strong thread (we all used a clear plastic thread)
-Glue, paintbrush, & fine glitter; use the small brushes to paint on a light layer of glue directly onto the kernels & lightly press into a plate of glitter and tap to excess
-Dried/dehydrated orange / apple slices
-Cranberries, dried or fresh
-Red or golden raisins

L: A couple of lovely garland-makers!
(Thank you for letting me snap a photo!)
R: The supplies we used Saturday.
Tip: Pick kernels that are fully-popped.
Tighter kernels are more difficult to string.
Step 1:  String your needle with approximately 6ft of doubled string.  
Knot at the end 4-5 times, and begin stringing popcorn.  
Try to find the fleshy sides to make stringing easier.  
Use a flat service to gently push the needle through the kernel to avoid getting poked!
 Step 2:  Leave about 6 inches at the end to tie to another garland.
Make another large knot as close to the end kernel as possible.
Once you have several shorter garlands, tie them all together & string on your tree/mantle!

Below: A little gold glitter to add some sparkle when on the lit tree!
Idea: Invite some friends over & make one long garland to trim a tree together.
The garland should stay together through the holiday season!
If you didn't use glue or glitter, hang outside after for the birds to enjoy!!


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