Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Great Costume Debate

So, every year at this time comes the great debate: Should we still be dressing up?  What should I go as?  How can I dress up with my kids?  How long does Sharpie take to come off skin?  Wait, isn't that toxic?

So here are some of my favorite costume ideas!  Some are incredibly detailed, but hopefully can be edited for couples, kids, grown-ups, & for group costumes.  I hope you enjoy, and maybe even find some inspiration for your Halloween!

Until Soon,
Sara XX

Classic Costumes:

Silent Film Stars, source

"The Birds", source

Johnny & June Cash, source

L: Wood Elf, via Modstylist
R: Morton Salt Girl, source

Birthday Cupcake Tutorial

Starbucks, done two fun ways!
L: Latte, via Modstylist
R: Barista & Frappuccino, via Pinterest

Above: Comic book heroine, source
Below: Lightning Strikes, source

This is perfect...Classic School Picture w/Background, source

Blueberry Pie, source

L: Shark Attack, source
R: Alice, after drinking the growing potion, source

Get 'yer POPCORN, source

L: Where the Wild Things Are, via Pinterest
R: Elliot & ET, source

A Step Above:
Croquembouche & French Chef, via the brilliant Kelly at Studio DIY

Circus Couple w/ "lion", source

 Vincent Van Gogh Painting, source

Giraffe & Circus Ringleader, source

"The Kiss", source

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