Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Warning, this post navigates from the usual blog post.  It may contain self-confessed nerdiness and way too many run-on sentences...a few #s, though I've tried to limit it to 3 or 4.  Just felt like a ridiculous, fun blog post.  ;)  <- Even emoticons have their day today!

I was looking for some useful/time-consuming sources for inspiration & sharing ideas out there...I've compiled a list of 7 places/sources for your perusal (and hopefully, inspiration & enjoyment)!

6 & 7:  Craft/Dwellinggawker:

These two websites are great because they credit the source directly, so as soon as you click on a photo you like, you're sent off to the blog/website where the tutorial/article originated.  Avoids the "this page does not exist" troubles!  (You will have to wait for membership to be accepted, but don't have to create a profile to peruse.)  There is also a Weddinggawker for any grooms or brides-to-be.

5:  Gentlemint (This one's for you, Gents!)

I had to join.  It was like saying, "No girls allowed".  You know, like when someone says, "Careful, this plate is hot."  You just have to test it and see.  Is that intense oven mitt just for show?  9 out of 10, no, no it's not.  It's really a hot plate.

Plus, after you sign up, this guy shows up, congratulating you!  I'm waiting on my profile being accepted, but come in and ask me about it in a day or two.  I will share all their secrets, mwahaha.

4:  We Heart It

I love We Heart It.  It might contain an over-abundance of "burnt sienna" / "Earlybird" filters... just embrace them.  Sourcing images are not the top priority here, but if you're only using as a collage of images, it's great.  #sadlybeautiful #hipsterpinterest #loveit

3:  Music

Music is such a rich source of inspiration.  It's so multi-dimensional in the way it washes over you in notes, lyrics, rhythms, poetry.  There are a couple of music-streaming online radio-type of websites, and Pandora/Spotify/I Heart Radio offer memberships where for a few $ a month, you can stream music ad-free, create stations, make playlists...endless sources of both new, & familiar music.  Also, please don't judge my mad-love for Doris Day.  She just gets me.

2:  Goodreads

Oh, Goodreads!  This is an amazing website for readers of all genres.  They offer recommendations based on books you've read, millions of book reviews, & synopses of books you're looking to read.  Books are less direct then looking at computer screens of images, but the distillation process is so much richer...things stay with you longer.  

1:  Life/Living/The World

Here I am sitting at the computer while I'm writing this (terrible!), but when I'm most creatively jammed, the best place to be is out in the world.  Looking at things, feeling fabrics, breathing in smells (probably concerning a few innocent bystanders).  Nothing can replace the inspiration that comes from daily life.

(Personal Photos: Above: Local Stream * Below: Poppies in Montezuma , VA)

We've all had a variety of houses, schools, & jobs, but our need for inspiration is always there----through words, images, experiences, relationships, art, movies, music...  I very much hope you find some extra today.  

Until Soon,
Sara / "#jane" xx

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