Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY: Repurposing w/ Jewelry

If you're like me, you own a handful of broken or mismatched jewelry...holding onto pieces in a jar or a bowl, thinking "I can't bear to throw this out", or my personal favorite, "I'm sure the other one will turn up."  Well, for all those jewelry onesies, I hope this simple DIY will provide a way to use those pieces again!


-Jewelry pieces
-Glue/Epoxy (I have tried a couple of different glues, some are specifically meant for adhering metal/jewelry, but hot glue on it's highest setting will work for several of these projects too)
-Jewelry pliers (I prefer to use the ones without teeth to leave the least scratches)
-Materials for backing (I used a bobby pin with a flat back)

Vintage Earring Bobby 
(The original single earring, so sad!)

Ta-daa!  Ready to help you beat the summer heat! 

Here are a few other ideas for mismatched or broken jewelry:

Or even create a unique hair adornment! (Source)

Use to embellish a plain frame; (Source for 2 above images)
Adhere to jewelry backings to create a "charm"ing bracelet!

Add multiple chains together to
make a statement ; (Source)

Until Soon,
"Jane" xo

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