Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wallpaper Love

Dear Friends,

Do you ever get the temptation to start pasting things onto the walls?  Well, have no fear, you are not alone!  However, sometimes we have to remember that what goes up must also come down (in 6 months or 10 years, it's got to happen sometime).  With that in mind, there are some great ideas for wallpapering that require less of a commitment, and less hours spent scraping it off again!
Wallpaper is a beautiful way to make a big impact, and comes in thousands of patterns, colors, and textures.  One thing to remember is that quality, on-trend wallpaper can be quite expensive.  But if you fall in love with a pattern, it could be well worth the investment.  But, you might want to sleep on it before you purchase...a pattern you love one day may leave you colorblind the next!
One option to consider is using alternative materials for wall"paper", like fabric, pages, art, maps, old letters, photographs, etc.  Layering is always a great technique, you can add more, or take some down to achieve a look you're happy with. 

Wallpaper Resources:
*Many online retailers will send you samples if you request them----this will give you a chance to look at patterns & textures in person.
-Sherwin Williams
-Home Depot & Lowes (offered online)
-Hygge & West
-Anthropologie (guilty pleasure, and my favorite)
-Ebay/Etsy for vintage scraps/rolls
-Thrift stores sometimes get overstock/old rolls
Here is a great step-by-step wallpapering article from the DIY Network .

Materials for DIY Wallpaper:
-thumbtacks, staples, masking or paper/washi tape
-frames of various shapes & sizes (for making a wallpaper wall collage)
-old books, sheet music, maps, letters
-fabric or paper scraps saved from special occasions
-photographs or newspapers/magazine clippings
Wallpaper comes in so many patterns and styles, from textured to contemporary, it's so difficult to choose!  This is a sampling of some of the options out there, from traditional to eclectic.


This is actually a paper I have a roll of at home...but I can't decide how to use it!! 
I'm trying to save it for a very special project.

"Watercolor Peony"

"Lady of the Manor" (discontinued)

Hygge & West:

 Home Depot:

I LOVE this wallpaper!


DIY Wall"Papers":


3-D Flower Wallpaper (Source)

Mad Libs!  Comic Strips!  Illustrations!  Oh my!  (Source)


Map wallpaper, easy to install & remove when using pushpins instead of permanent glue!  (Source)

Lovely wallpaper of sheet music, perfect behind a piano!  (Source)

How fun?  Vintage-inspired Instax polaroids as wallpaper, via A Beautiful Mess.  (Source)
Our shop "literary" wallpaper (photo by Jodi Miller Photography).

3-D Felt Flowers, what a beautiful idea!  (Source)

Fabric as wallpaper!  I haven't tried this before, but this online tutorial looks pretty amazing!  The options would be endless! 

Beautiful wallpaper in the form of Russian newspapers.  (Source)
Wallpaper "Cheats"
A beautiful way to use wallpaper without committing to actually adhering to the walls is to frame pieces and hang in collages or prop against walls.  Big on impact, easy on your home!

For those of you who wish to "recreate" your wallpaper each day, a chalkboard wall could be a fun option...just remember that black is a very unforgiving color, and doing a whole wall can get quite dramatic.  You might want to choose the room for this carefully.

How sweet is this "frame" wallpaper?  Perfect in a playroom or child's bedroom, simply hang large butcher paper with masking tape for instantly re-drawable d├ęcor.  :)


Wallpaper on a Smaller Scale:
Don't have enough wallpaper to do an entire wall?  Beautiful scraps can be used in many ways...from layering to using for are a few of my favorites.

Even smaller pieces of wallpaper can be used together to create impact.  (Source)

Wallpaper, not just for walls!.  (Source)

How sweet is this DIY Wallpaper Tray?  Check out this beautiful tutorial here.


Walls are the best, aren't they?  Big, blank canvases just waiting for your brush (or roller, photos, pages, maps, tape, thumbtacks...)!  Hope this leaves you with a few ideas for your home decorating.
Until Soon,
"Jane" xo



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