Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Making Mother’s Day More…

(Blog Author, Julie)

As many of you could probably relate, it’s that time of year again and I am a loss of what to give my Mom. This year let’s try something different…avoid typical gifts and go for something special and more from the heart. Let’s make Mother’s Day more.. maybe even with a little vintage/DIY love thrown in. Here are our favorites; you (& the mom in your life) will LOVE them!!

Try combining mason jars and spring florals for something that is not only great the day of, but can be reused even after Mother’s Day is over. 
And I love these vintage teacups turned candles:
 Try taking an old frame and turning it into a chalkboard:
 Take old family photos, use vintage frames, and create a one of kind, meaningful wall displays:

Finally, here are a few Mother's Day gift ideas from the shop:


Pretty packages to hold jewelry, tiny treasures, or a gift certificate to The Lady Jane!

Hope this is inspiring for all of you shopping for Mom this weekend!  Happy Mother’s Day to all!
Julie at The Lady Jane

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