Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fabric Cards

Happy (almost) weekend, friends!

I've made these cards in the past for the shop and wanted to share!  Perfect for those smaller fabric scraps & notions, and handmade from the heart.  Hope you enjoy this simple DIY.

-Cardstock & envelopes or prepackaged blank stationary
-Buttons & other trimmings
-Hot glue gun
-Needle & thread or sewing machine

Cut fabrics to size, you can choose whether you want a "border" around the fabric or if you want the fabric to come to the edges of the card:


You can opt to sew the fabric to paper by hand or with a machine (I prefer hand-stitching):

Choose the trim you want for your card---lace, buttons, ribbon, or whatever other bits & bobs you have saved.  This is where you can opt to stitch to the cardstock, or use a little hot glue:

Whatever the occasion, your loved ones will be sure to appreciate a hand-written and handmade card from you!


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