Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Let's hear it for the dudes!

Sometimes it feels like we're leaving the guys out...but we adore the Gents that come into the shop-----somehow, our manly customers always seem a little more intrigued by the history of each piece, or the construction of an item, and they have amazing ideas for upcycling & repurposing.

In fact, sometimes guys get a little left out of the whole home design field, but I know that guys have their own style, tastes, and aesthetic, and are perfectly capable of styling a home, office, or space to make their own.  For guys who appreciate vintage, there is even a term, "Mantiques". 
The word makes me think of well-worn leather, factory parts, or words like "dapper" and "swanky".  Here are a few of my favorite vintage d├ęcor ideas for all the awesome dudes out there!

Industrial Parts:
Edison bulbs & old beakers... (source)

Amazing track lighting from vintage car bulbs, etc!!  (Source)

Awesome bookend made from industrial parts, via Etsy.
(Industrial office space, via Pinterest)

Antique Recorders/Cameras:

Disassembled...how amazing would this be on a wall in an office?  (Source: tumblr)
Love the leather strap & vintage Nikon...and everything about this sweater!  (Source)
Paul McCartney with a Super 8 (source via tumblr).


There's something about classic fashion... (Source)

Awesome styling with vintage crates, books, & a trunk! (Source)

Leather accessories (source)

Vintage Accents

Love these old, rusty signs.  (source)

Seriously gorgeous storage... (source)

Canisters with awesome typography!  (Etsy site.) 
Repurposed burlap grain & feed sacks into pillows---these would be amazing on a dark, leather couch!

Made this for a fun guy who lives downtown!

So guys, I hope you are feeling the love today.  You are awesome, and we always enjoy working with you too.  Below are a few manly man sites on design, but ladies, you might also enjoy.

The Dapper Dude
Of Iron & Oak
Instructables  : Funny, Awesome Man Projects (i.e. Darth Vador, Knife projects, & Wood projects, see T-Rex below)

(For men & women)
Apartment Therapy
Restoration Hardware

Until Soon,

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