Friday, April 12, 2013

Fabric Wall & Crocheted Doily DIYs

Dear Friends,

I've been asked a little about the fabric walls up in the shop this week, so I decided to go ahead and post a little DIY for your Friday! 

Both the fabric wall and the doily rug were for a photo shoot this past week.  After some trial and error, I finally found a pretty simple way to create both, and I hope if you ever attempt either, this will save you a little time and backache!  Please excuse the fuzziness of the photos, they were taken by a very excited, jumpy phone (aka, me whenever I take photos)!

Do note that these are both projects that could grow past your budget quickly!  Cost will depend on how large you plan on making the wall, whether or not you want to use antique doilies, and what type of fabrics you want for your garlands.  Lace and chiffon are two of the more pricey fabrics out there, but also the prettiest to work with!  I also purchased around 25 new doilies, was given several, and found a few thrifting---but some of the antique doilies run $3-$5 on their own.  I confess that I splurged on one or two special ones!

Fabric Wall:

-Lace and mesh/tulle fabric (or curtains) with colors of your choice
-Strips of fabric, lace, & ribbon
-Curtain rod OR thick twine
-Sharp scissors

We picked up curtain panels that were pre-made (buying fabric by the yard might have been a little less expensive, but there was a bit of a time crunch).  I alternated the sheer fabric with the lace panels, and then created garlands with strips of coordinating spring colors (peach, cream, coral, blush). 

By tying some of the garlands to the top of the curtain, and draping a few loosely, this was the final effect:

(the fabrics and some of the doilies used)

(behind the scenes craziness!)


Crocheted Doily Rug:

This rug was a wonderful idea that Jodi had-----and we wanted to have different shades of cream, beige, and aged whites.  Instead of trying to sew or attach each doily one at a time, I laid them all out on the floor until I found a pattern I felt happy with.  (Time saving tip: I used hot glue instead of hand-stitching for time.  A more permanent approach would require actual sewing)!

-Variety of doilies and small linens
-Needles & thread (OR hot glue gun!)
-Flat surface to work on

(You can view a couple of photos from the shoot on Jodi Miller Photography's Page.)
Model: Bridget
Florist: Sugar Magnolias
Dress: Reem Acra by Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria

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